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We'll do today's show and play it by ear in terms of extra time and how all that will work. Sources around this indicate that Tennessee is hoping to get a few guys if not to sign with them to at least put off signing till after the first of the year. Is there a guy that nobody knows Tennessee is involved with that they will reel in today.The more I think about this, the more the December Early Signing Period pisses me off. That said, it's college football and college football is always interesting. It could happen in that there are so many moving parts here plus all the new coaches plus a local media without established relationships with the media.More info about giving FISH Christmas cards can be found at: Fish FISH Hospitality Pantries (a.k.a.

And the most common answer is: “I worry that I’m too fat to date.” I’ll be honest: I’m not surprised. According to the Center for Disease Control, 69% of adults 20 years old and over are overweight and 35% are considered obese.

And five years later both guys managed to get fired but who's counting? Bratton and several other experts are right and 75% of the top players come off the board, what will this do to the starch of National Signing Day?

Besides Joshua Dobbs Butch's first class at Tennessee netted a couple of under the radar guys that turned out to be very good players in Cameron Sutton and Jalen Reeves-Maybin. Why would college football mess with a National Holiday? I'm giving this DECEMBER SIGNING PERIOD 2 Years tops.

Whether we like it or not, and whether we're ready or not, it's the first ever Early Signing Period for college football.

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