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It is inconceivable that in 2017, when equal pay is one of the key aims of equality legislation in the EU and beyond, there is a representative to the EU Parliament who would openly and publicly offend women without being held to account.

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Nie może być tak, by ​w 2017 roku, kiedy to równe wynagrodzenie jest jednym z kluczowych celów prawodawstwa dotyczącego równego traktowania w UE i poza nią, jeden z eurodeputowanych jawnie i publicznie obraża kobiety i nie jest pociągany do odpowiedzialności.

---- On the 2nd March 2017, the second day of Women’s History Month, a Polish MEP named Janusz Konrwin-Mikke spoke in the European Parliament claiming that ‘women must earn less than men’.

The citizens of the EU refuse for their taxes to be used for the upkeep of MEPs who promote the unequal status of women.

We, hereby undersigned, are calling on you, as the President of the European Parliament to hold MEP Korwin-Mikke responsible for his actions.

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